Slivovica Productions was born when Kristina Zalite and Oliver Schneider decided to host a Balkan-music event in our hometown of Vancouver in 2011. Our events bring together a large spectrum of ages and cultures and backgrounds, all sharing in beautiful and rich music of the Balkan region. We travel often to the Balkans, exploring musical moments and events in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as recent travels in the Caucasus. We work alongside Caravan World Rhythms, an organization that brings world class musicians to Vancouver, and Transformation Projects, an organization that combines event production with public engagement in local politics.

Our goal is to create beautiful spaces where people are free to dance, enjoy, and celebrate life through the musical cultures of the Balkans and Caucasus.

To contact Slivovica Productions, please email slivovicaproductions@gmail.com, or call us at 604-612-6761. Zivili!

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