Ederlezi 2011 & 2010

In May 2010, we started a tradition of celebrating the spring festival of Ederlezi. It was our ambition to have a spring festival that highlighted the song and dance traditions of the Balkans. It was also our aim to bring some of the excellent brass bands from Seattle to Vancouver, thereby infusing Vancouver with the expertise and enthusiasm of the Northwest Coast of the US. Ederlezi Balkan Brass festival was born! The participating bands in this first event were Orkestar Zirkonium (Seattle), Bolting Brassicas (Lasqueti Island), Mezamazing (Vancouver) and Orkestar Slivovica (Vancouver). Guests were treated to Balkan dance performances by Gradina Balkan Folklore Dancers.

Our second annual Ederlezi, in 2011, featured Brass Menazeri from San Francisco, Orkestar Zirkonium from Seattle, and Orkestar Slivovica from Vancouver. Part of the performances included a day-time wedding re-enactment, where the bride and groom and their families were treated to a full day of touring Vancouver alongside 2 brass bands. Evening performances also included dancing by Gradina Folkdance Ensemble. These successful events were co-produced with Transformation Projects and Caravan World Rhythms.

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